Kevin Hubbard (1956-2010)

guitarist, writer, artist & friend to all

In late spring 2012, a small memorial to Kevin was installed in the entrance walkway of the Ellison Center, South Shore Conservatory in Duxbury, MA.

Also, an 'adult-learner' scholarship has been established for Islesboro, ME, in memory of Kevin and our friend Diane Ober. Diane passed away in early 2011, and like Kevin, was a multi-talented and beautiful soul. The scholarship will support applicants who wish to explore a life-changing activity. For more information (including how to donate or to apply to the Diane Ober & Kevin Hubbard Memorial Blue Sky Fund), you can visit the Maine Community Fund's website:   or call 1-877-700-6800.

His CDs and items based on his artworks (posters, greeting cards, postcards) are available - contact me at:  andrea at


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