Kevin Hubbard (1956-2010)

guitarist, writer, artist & friend to all

In late spring 2012, memorials to Kevin will be installed on the upstairs balustrade at the Needham Public Library in Needham, MA, and in the entrance walkway of the Ellison Center, South Shore Conservatory in Duxbury, MA.

Also, an 'adult-learner' scholarship has been established for Islesboro, ME, in memory of Kevin and our friend Diane Ober. Diane passed away in early 2011, and like Kevin, was a multi-talented and beautiful soul. The scholarship will support applicants who wish to explore a life-changing activity. For more information (including how to donate or to apply to the Diane Ober & Kevin Hubbard Memorial Blue Sky Fund), you can visit the Maine Community Fund's website:   or call 1-877-700-6800.

To view Rachel Fink's lovely video tribute to Kevin, click here:


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